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RMG finance advisors are focused and seasoned veterans in the Yacht/RV business.


We have more than 25 years of experience in customized Yacht/RV financing and helping clients address the intricacies of the purchasing process.


We know many of the key players in the industry, including builders, brokers, and surveyors, as well as legal, finance, insurance, and other industry professionals.  And we have an in-depth knowledge of the product offerings in the Yacht /RV market.


We will work with your tax and legal advisors as your specialized consultant to guide you through the process of purchasing and financing your Yacht or RV.


We understand that buying a Yacht or RV should be a pleasure, and we want to provide seamless facilitation during your buying experience.


Marine/RV Partner Companies and 

Yachting Information


International Finance and Global Logistics 


RMG has European Financial Partners for the purchase of your new boat or a yacht.


Are you looking for ways for overseas yacht financing or yacht leasing? We provide you with tailor-made individual financing concepts that will help you meet your needs.

Please give us a call to get a first hand impression of the many possibilities for individual boat financing, yacht financing and leasing of your boat or yacht. We will be happy to advise you personally.  


Global Services:


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Health Savings Account HSA


We encourage the use of health savings to account for the tax benefits. An HSA is a savings account that allows you to make contributions to be used for deductibles or other qualified expenses. These accounts are used in conjunction with high-deductible health insurance plans. In a health savings account, tax-free funds are set aside to cover current or future expenses. Any monies left in the HSA at the end of the year are rolled over and can be used for the following year's medical expenses.  We have several HSA account providers to choose from.  

Devenir offers an online search tool which lets consumers compare more than 350 providers.











       Health Management Insurance Network Services



International Travel Insurance Plans


World travelers need to properly protect themselves against financial exposure due to catastrophic medical events.

If comprehensive travel medical benefits and assistance services are not secured before they go, travelers may find themselves exposed to huge losses—both physical and financial.

Though illness or injury can strike at any time, when severe incidents occur overseas, lack of proper coverage can leave travelers with steep medical bills for less than sufficient care.  

You barely have to turn the page in a newspaper or magazine these days to see that globalization is at the epicenter of the new world order.

As global lifestyles emerge, the demand for comprehensive international health insurance has grown rapidly.


In response to this demand, a new generation of superior health plans is now available to serve expatriates and their families.  Let RMG help you with a plan that will fit your needs.


International Health Coverage and ACA

What U.S. Expats Need 


Patriot Platinum Travel Medical InsuranceSM 

GlobeHopper® Senior 

Patriot Green Travel Medical InsuranceSM 

HTH TravelGap Multi Trip Brochure



Marine Crew Health Insurance Plans


Buying licensed, credible crew coverage provides assurance.  Not all crew health plans are engineered the same way. Become an expert buyer and understand the critical differences in benefits and disparities in crew protections.


The individual medical insurance plan is excellent if you’re freelancing, and changing yachts often. You own the plan and can take it with you to the next job. The owners are usually willing to reimburse you for the health insurance premium. It will protect them financially, as well as you!


We offer a number of health insurance plans especially designed for the unique demands of the marine crew profession. There are both individual and group health insurance plans available. We work with some of the largest yacht management

companies in the world, and would be happy to help you with your yacht crew health care.


Let our Insurance Specialists help you arrange yacht crew plans and the other types of insurance listed below:


  • International Health Insurance

  • U.S. Health Insurance

  • Sick Pay / Disability

  • Financial Solutions

  • Life Insurance


Simplifying Crew Health Insurance


Global Crew Medical Insurance

CrewSelect InternationalSM

Expat Crew Medical Coverage



International Student Insurance


If you are planning to study abroad at an international school or university you will be required by both your school and your host country to have adequate international student insurance when you are visiting. To make sure you have the right plan, RMG provides a range of options which will meet or exceed most visa insurance requirements and most schools.


Student Health AdvantageSM 

Patriot Exchange Program

GeoBlue Navigator Health Plan

Supplemental Employee Benefits


What are Supplemental Benefits?


Supplemental insurance is similar to other lines of insurance - such as life or health insurance - but it is not meant to be your only means of protection.


While major medical or life insurance policies can provide the bulk of benefits to your family after an illness or loss, supplemental insurance benefits can be used to pay for unexpected out-of-pocket expenses or help with things like utility bills, rent, and the like. Because the benefits are paid directly to you, you decide how they're spent.


With major medical insurance, specifically, your insurance company pays the medical provider directly for services provided to you. With supplemental insurance, the benefits go directly to you, to use at your discretion.


There is no reason for a company not to offer every benefit option they and their employees would like available. Employers do not need to pay for them. To make a benefit available is a benefit in itself!


When benefits are made available that do not require underwriting the people who need them the most, will have access verses being declined through the old way of doing things.


Supplemental Benefits use to be an option in a benefit plan but they have evolved to being the norm.

Understanding your health care options and knowing what supplemental benefits you need. 


Benefits can include:


  • Term Life

  • Permanent Life

  • Short Term & Long Term Disability

  • Dental Plans 

  • Vision Plans

  • Supplemental Hospital Plans

  • Cancer Plans

  • Accident Plans

  • Intensive Care Plans

  • Critical Illness Plans

  • TeleMedicine Plans

  • Legal Assistance Plans

  • Wellness Programs

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