Recreational Management Group
RMG   Recreational Finance Advisors
The RMG Network helps advise customers both buyer and seller in understanding what lending sources are available for recreational financing through our technology platform which gives our customers the ability to meet their Marine/RV loan needs.  We will help you find the best Yacht/RV financing program suitable for you. 

  • Effective loan proposals / Buy rate vs Sell rate

  • Private Party Financing for New and Used

  • Loan to value / New vs Used

  • Understanding debt to income ratios (DTI)

  • Marine surveys & Yacht delivery

  • International finance / Foreign and domestic corporations

  • Yacht construction loans

  • Floorplan and Audit control service

  • Live Aboard / Charter or other business usages, Full-time RV ownership

  • Non-conventional Yacht/RV financing (when you can't qualify for a traditional loan)

  • Buy-down program structures and Intrest only programs

  • Working directly with the manufacturer 

  • The signing of the contract





RMG Health Management Insurance Network Services


Whatever your specialty insurance needs are from Crew Yacht insurance to Sports and Travel insurance, RMG can put you in touch with the right insurer.
Our partner of agents are knowledgeable and have the expertise to give you the advice and service you need when shopping for that right coverage. Our hassle-free environment means you are in control of the process without time constraints or sales pressure.
We offer a full range of insurance products with many nationally recognized insurers that help support the RV and Marine and Travel lifestyle.


Services we provide:


Specialty Insurance:


  • Marine Crew Insurance US/International

  • International Group/Travel Health Insurance

  • International Student Insurance 

  • Patriot Green Travel Medical Insurance

  • Patriot Green Group Travel Medical Insurance

  • Insurance for Missionaries

  • Adventure Sports Insurance

  • Specialized Insurance for Sports

  • Telemedicine Programs

  • Supplemental Insurance

  • Travel Risk Management



  • ​Recreational  Financing

  • International Finance and Global Logistics 

  • Marine Crew Health Insurance Plans and International Travel Plans

  • Life Insurance

  • Heath Insurance Financial Planning

  • Travel Risk Management

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